Vellore CMC Foundation

Christian Medical College (CMC) The Christian Medical College (CMC) was founded in 1900 as a one room clinic by Dr. Ida S. Scudder. Today it is a vast and respected non-profit institution that serves more than two million patients a year; trains some of the most sought-after medical professionals; conducts life-saving research; and implements outreach programs in Vellore’s slums and remote rural villages throughout the region. Epitomizing both compassion and innovation, CMC is globally recognized for its unique model of delivering world-class treatment at the lowest possible cost. CMC is consistently ranked among the top hospitals in India and patients travel from all over the world seeking its exemplary care.

The Vellore CMC Foundation raises funds and builds awareness of CMC throughout the U.S. Our goal is to foster mutually beneficial partnerships and drive transformational investments that fuel growth and healing.

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